The Girl on the Hill

There she is again
On top of the hill
I saw her there yesterday
And the day before
She stands looking up at the sky
Her arms raised to the sun
And sways gently back and forth
In the breeze
I don't know how long she's been doing this
Every day at noon I see her
Always in the same place
Looking up at the sky
In summer her light green clothes
Flutter in the breeze
Sunlight filters through them
Drawing patterns on the ground
In winter she catches snow on her bare arms
And snow piles up around her feet
She shivers in the cold wind
And tattered rags fall to the ground
She stands on top of the hill
Braving all kinds of weather
Not just for a few minutes or hours
But for three hundred years
The chain saw cuts deep into her waist
She crumples up in pain
But no blood flows - just a tear
As the great oak topples to the ground

A T Ramsey 2001

Inpsiration for this poem